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Ellen Epstein Globalglassscapes founder, glass garden art, glass yard art, custom glass garden art, glass garden stake,
Color and art remind us that even in the most difficult moments there is potential for something positive,
life giving and beneficial.

Ellen Epstein, LICSW is the founder of Global Glass Scapes. She is an artist, visionary, and mentor, who commits her life to bringing joy to others through her work, her teaching, and her art. Her passion is to inspire and teach in a way that allows people to find their purpose and their joy, to live in harmony with themselves and others.


Ellen is a self taught artist focusing on using color, shape, texture and design to uplift people and environments. She practiced social work for over 25 years developing and implementing wellness programs in hospitals, hospices, cardiac rehabilitation clinics, and women’s health clinics. She served as an adjunct professor for over 10 years teaching Yoga, Meditation and Stress Management, introducing college students to positive and self-healing techniques which improved the quality of their lives. Ellen continues mentoring people in her private practice to live in alignment with their most authentic selves, using their gifts, strengths, loves and wisdom.


Ellen has been a visionary for over 25 years. She was one of the first people to create retreats for cancer patients, which entailed collaborating with others to both fund and implement week-long retreats that were inspiring, revitalizing and therapeutic physically, emotionally and spiritually. She was also one of the first to offer mind/body modalities, in conjunction with traditional treatments, in hospitals and hospices. The programs that she developed and began over 20 years ago are thriving today; mind-body-spirit modalities are now commonplace. Similar to her art, to many it seems unheard of that the vibration of art can have an impact on one's well-being, but Ellen has always been years ahead of safe practices that have become more commonplace and accepted with time. Triathlons are now exciting for many to participate in, but Ellen was finishing triathlons, including the World Champion Ironman Triathlon and teaching yoga 25 years ago.


Ellen’s artwork is visionary as well. She studied and taught a color system over 30 years ago that was created by a woman who was blind and yet had the ability to heal, guide and regenerate those she worked with through color and color combinations. Since learning and teaching this system which focuses on colors impact on mind, body and spirit, Ellen has used color as a way to support people in remembering their true nature and magnificence. Often, the colors and combinations are quite subtle in their impact but there is more than meets the eye. While not something commonly understood by most, her art has been scientifically measured for its subliminal impact. Similarly, when she began introducing programs to cancer centers, cardiac rehab centers, eating disorder clinics and in hospitals, few were open to the possibilities. Today such programs are available in almost all medical settings, as the benefits have been proven to be successful. Once considered “out there,” experiences that connect the mind and body are now the norm.

It was proven, through the science of Kinesiology, that each sculpture that holds a resonance to peace, joy, health, etc. has a positive subliminal effect on people*. It was also proven, again through the science of Kinesiology, that the larger the designs, the greater the impact in terms of viewing distance. In the same way that Ellen’s programs were trend-setting in the health and wellness industry, Global Glass Scapes is at the forefront of a new wave of art specifically created to subtly uplift people's moods and environments.


Early art glass earrings by Ellen Epstein


Simply Color for Everyday Living - Ellen Epstein, contributing author

*Power Vs. Force 2014 by David Hawkin's, M.D, Ph.D

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