Play. Listen. Touch. Move. Breathe. Be.

Sculpture Garden & Healing Garden will re-open in the Spring.

Thank you for a great summer!

Global Joy Garden Sanctuary & Retreat
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The Global Joy Garden is a garden that has something for everyone. It is designed to be a place of peace, joy, respite, re-balancing, relaxation, play and being yourself. A place where you have space and time to be and do what you wish for your heart and soul to be nourished. There truly is something for everyone…beautiful flowers, a water garden, musical instruments including a keyboard, sound healing instruments from around the world, a finger and walking labyrinth, crystals, bubbles to blow and create art including: glass sculptures, crystal suncatchers for sale, and metal wind spinners, prisma color pencils, colored markers, journals and drawing pads, building blocks, cairns to create, a hammock to swing on, yoga mats, an air conditioned studio to relax and play in and even a fire pit. It is a sanctuary where you are free to experience every sensation your heart desires without judgment or shame. It is a place to experiment with art, to write in your journal, to color outside the lines. It is a place to practice yoga or tai chi, a place to move or be still. It is a place to run your hands through fresh herbs and to smell the air. It is a place to gaze through beautiful sunlit glass, to listen to the meditative sounds of a gentle waterfall, to blow rainbow bubbles into the sky and watch them drift silently away. It is a place to pick up an instrument and make your own music. It is a place for play or prayer or silent meditation all the while surrounded by nature and art.

It is called the Global Joy Garden because Ellen Epstein, who has created the garden, works with invisible Masters, called the Global Joy Team, who have been guiding her to create this garden and sanctuary for over 10 years so that people can enjoy it. It is also the Global Joy Team that she has been channeling for over 15 years to assist people in living in greater harmony with their heart and soul…for more information visit:

This one-of-a-kind destination, garden and/or home is available to rent for retreats, weddings, workshops, business meetings, classes, and for healing.  

Additional services can be arranged in house when renting both garden and home including: catering meals, Massage, Energy work, EFT/Emotional Freedom Technique, Craniosacral bodywork, Sound healing,
Channeling the Global Joy Team and more.

Our Global Joy Garden is also home to an ever-changing display of our fine art glass sculptures. Take a peaceful walk through our garden and contemplate the beauty of our glass designs. Experience the joy of viewing art in a natural environment. Listen to the silence and be at peace. The intention of each custom sculpture is to create a design that brings harmony and balance to wherever it is placed. On occasion a sculpture in the garden will be available for sale. 5' sculptures are $2599.