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The Intention of Color in Art.
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Welcome to our beautiful world at GlobalGlassScapes.

Have you ever looked at a kaleidoscope from the outside? There are numerous individual colors and shapes and patterns and yet when you look at them from the eye of the kaleidoscope the view is extraordinary. They no longer look like individual shapes, colors and patterns, they have transformed into an alchemy of beauty that delights the viewer’s senses. This is the alchemy of color and shape at work.

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Global GlassScapes designs are created to bring added energy and beauty, to mirror an intention for one’s home/garden/business/family/relationship, to memorialize a loved one, or simply - to add a unique focal point to a garden or landscape. Glass sculptures can also be designed to strengthen the love, abundance, and comfort within a home or a building. These sculptures energize and bring renewed strength and assistance to one’s aspirations and intentions. 


The intention of every color, pattern, shape, and texture amalgam is that, in its presence, the viewer is reminded to stop, breathe, and feel something positive. Color and art remind us that even in the most difficult moments there is a potential for something positive, life giving, and beneficial. Global Glass Scapes sculptures are powerful yet subtle mirrors of life and nature. Please view our video above and look through our site for examples of glass sculptures in the landscape, further information on our artist and our process, ordering custom or existing fine art glass sculptures, or just visiting our outdoor sensation garden. We welcome you with open hearts!

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