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What some of our Global Glass Scapes & Global Joy Garden Sanctuary & Retreat visitors are saying!

“It is absolute magic!” - L.M.


“Thanks for a beautiful and serene experience” - R.R.


“Thank you for sharing your garden. It was a profound experience and I am so deeply eager to come back and immerse myself in the nature and the art and all of its beauty!” - C.S.

“Loved it all!! Thanks!” - J.C.


“That was incredible!! And I’ll be back!! “I LOVED IT!!” - C.M.


What a wonderful experience I had in your garden, I’m feeling so much lighter. I will definitely be back. Thank you.” - C.P.

“What a joy! It was fun and peaceful.” - J.W.


“This was an amazing experience! I can’t thank you enough for allowing me this time in your garden. What an amazing gift! Thank you!” - P.T.


Come. Experience. Share.
We deeply value and appreciate your thoughts and any suggestions you may have to improve your experience.

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